getting motion

Affective (sensitive) consulting for effective solutions

We promote your employees’ and business’ potentials and strengths with this trainings method that was developed in Austria (Europe). We facilitate potential paradigm shifts of employees and at leadership level through the ability of empathetic cooperation. This trainings method contributes significantly to the achievement of your goals and therefore to your success!

New ways of behaviour can be immediately integrated in everyday working life, in contrast to conventional seminars. Seminar contents are often precisely recallable, even after months. Another revolution in the field of training is the possibility to teach a lot of participants (20 and more) simultaneously on the same training day.

Current success criteria for companies demand
  • an Æffective cooperation
  • change of rigid and deep-rooted behaviours
  • appreciative communication between employees, leadership and customers
  • motivated employees with courage for responsibility, creativity and implementation
  • teams and departments with ethical and constructive cohesion
  • senior management with empathy and the power to inspire

getting motion discovers and strengthens already existing, but also undiscovered potentials of your employees!

The getting motion-system produces measurable improvements within the operational cooperation without predetermining behavioural patterns or conveying another cognitive technique!

It will become possible to perceive unusual views of oneself or someone else’s in the course of the seminar. Newly experienced things can easily be implemented in the company the next day.
In the course of the training, the participants’ potentials are made perceptible and get immediately integrated in the team through specific exercises.

We shape our seminars’ contents accordingly, after your short briefing.
The trainings are created for your needs and individually adjusted.
We convey our know-how from over 30 years of experience in companies, institutions and corporations in our practice-orientated seminars to you.

Quality, effectiveness and a company’s success are highly influenced by human cooperation in your company.
The emotional competence of every individual and an open, interacting team contributes significantly to the simplification of processes, an increased working motivation, a lower sickness rate and an enhanced degree of identification with the company.