Lower Austria/ educational institution:

“Dear Hubertus!
It was simply amazing, not only as a time-out from day-to-day business, but also as a thought-provoking impulse.
My colleagues and me started to be a lot more attentive – on how we approach other people and allow or claim proximity and distance. The training’s exercises are already helpful concerning opening and delimination in cooperation with customers.
Company/event activity
Siemens promotor teambuilding and „get together“
Siemens central works council Networking-events
World Congress “Humanity in Medicine“ speaker
Biocentric in organizations Symposium Vienna speaker
Vitalakademie lecturing
WKO financial advisor deceleration
pedagogical institute seminar for conflictmanagement
musical secondary school Gmünd teambuilding
Sandoz Austria deceleration
chamber of commerce Austria teambuilding
projekt “MOVE” lower Austria teambuilding and seminar for communication
p4u agency trainings and consulting for promoter
WKO management consultant seminar “how to find the common rhythm”
hospital Eisenstadt (physiotherapy) teambuilding und conflictmanagement
meeting of music teacher from all over Austria practice-oriented exercises for teaching content and children
chamber of commerce Austria seminar for management consulting
Samsung promotor development and training
IP-Center Introductory training
Boehringer Ingelheim teambuilding for 180 employees
chamber of commerce Austria seminar for financial consulting
BLAHA Introductory training
educational institute (kindergarten) teamtraining
Canadian embassy teambuilding
convival for biocentric management Vienna presentation about biocentric management
extension biocentric management Brussel TTT (Train the trainer)
Jaipur Rugs India TTT (Train the trainer)
Jaipur Rugs India management-training
“emotionality in organizations?” Haikou (China) emotional-workshop for management
congress for biocentric management Netherlands presentation about biocentric management
integrational centre for handicapped people            (age 15-25) workshop: “to bring sexuality in the right perception”
retirement home teambuilding for 80 employees
Extension biocentric management Luxembourg TTT (Train the trainer)
hospital in India stress-management and seminar for women

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