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  • What is ®TRILOGICALmove?
    A unique training method that optimally addresses the emotional level of the seminar participants in addition to the cognitive level. Content and exercises alternate in short sequences, which enables learning in a shorter time.
  • What is this training method good for?
    We promote the potential and strengths of your employees and your company. We favor possible paradigm shifts of employees and management levels through the ability of empathetic cooperation. It makes a moving contribution to achieving your goals and thus to the success of your company.
  • What is the difference to conventional seminars and training courses?
    New behaviors can be immediately integrated into everyday working life. Seminar content can often be called up precisely even months later.
  • For how many people/employees is such a training possible?
    20 - 200 participants can be trained simultaneously on the same training day.
  • What does the training include?
    During the course of the seminar, it will be possible to perceive unusual personal and external perspectives, to accept what you have experienced and to implement it in the company the very next day. Through targeted, moving exercises, your own potential is experienced, made noticeable and immediately integrated into the team as part of the training. The topic coordinated with us by the client, which during the course of the seminar will experience your own potential through targeted, moving exercises, will be made noticeable and immediately integrated into the team. It is possible to perceive unfamiliar perspectives of one's own and others in order to accept what has been newly experienced and to implement it in the company the very next day.
  • What additional benefits does the system have?
    It significantly promotes the simplification of processes, increased work motivation, more TEAM spirit, less sick leave and a higher degree of identification with your company. Fast throughput of the employees, that the seminar is not limited to 12 - 14 participants, as is conventional, but can work with up to 200 people at the same time.
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