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TRILOGICALmove is a new training method that addresses the cognitive, the emotional and the transfer level equally. As a result, individual training content and goals are communicated more efficiently and effectively. Through exercises, specialist content can be experienced and emotionalized, which leads to a double transfer of knowledge. It depends on the interaction of two experienced trainers. While one trainer is responsible for conveying the theoretical content, the other converts it into simple and at the same time rhythmic exercises with movements. As a result, learning effects are achieved in the shortest possible time. They anchor themselves and develop a lasting effect when they are transferred to the company. - Learn more content faster! - efficient; many participants at the same time! - Immediate implementation of the content by the participants.​

This system offers the possibility of making seminars more effective and sustainable in terms of learning and experience success, since the participants are encouraged on both a cognitive and an emotional level.


Personal appreciation and empathetic surroundingsng are always the focus. People can thus better internalize the content and results and personally identify with it. The concerns of the client are brought in via the previous briefing and then made tangible for your employees with our method. The participants integrate the content in a playful way. You will learn about your personal strengths and potential and implement them in the company the very next day without fear. This positive mood within the company or department radiates outwards and naturally attracts people who are a good fit for your company. 

TRILOGICALmove works 

  • Since there is a constant change between cognitive and emotional content, the seminar time is used with 100% attention from the participants.

  • Since more content and the seminar goals are better remembered in a shorter time can

  • Because the participants enjoy learning. 

  • Since results can be implemented immediately in the work process. 


Seminars are resourcessaving

  • Since a multiple number of participants than in usual seminars is possible.

  • Because they are suitable for all participants. 

  • Since the necessary equipment is brought by the trainers.

  • Because more and sustainable success is achieved in less time.


target groups 

  • Groups of employees to convey classic seminar topics or external knowledge 

  • Departments or groups from companies or organizations that want to optimize or restructure their interaction. 

  • Groups of employees before, after or during a management change. 

  • Groups of employees to accompany change management, project management and quality management processes 


areas of application

  • Team development 

  • Cooperation formation 

  • organizational development 

  • Project support 

  • restructureurations 


seminar topics

  • Sale & customer orientation & Acquisition 

  • Presentation and confident demeanor 

  • communication

  • conflict management 


Employee development 

  • Emotional leadership development 

  • Sales Assessment

  • increase in motivation

  • Recognize and use potential 

  • Burnout prevention 

organizational development 

  • Change management

  • conflict management 

  • Team development 

  • Mission Statement Development 

  • Strategy and planning 


Each seminar is put together specifically according to your wishes and goals. 

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