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EFFECTS that ACT immediately   


easier togetherness, more mindfulness, more respectful interaction and improved communication! - through oursEFFECTIVE.  


ACTIVE Kinare are seminars with an immediate and lasting effect.  


In ourACTINARS the participants learn with THEIR abilities and potential.  

The content is playfully recorded and stored through one's own experience on the 3 levels heart - brain - body.   


We offer a proven, multi-level system for your entire organization, employees and customers.  

ACTIVE Kinare develop an immediate effect due to their special didactics. What is heard and emotions made tangible through movement are immediately stored in the body and thus lead to a lasting internalization. Cognitive-emotional parts alternate in quick succession with moving-emotional exercises. Theory and exercises form short consecutive sequences. The interplay between movement, listening and application causes immediate learning effects for the participants, which can be implemented immediately. The focus is on the joy of learning, an attentive, appreciative togetherness and lightness in BEING. The interaction of these components makes it possible to retain content over the long term and integrate it into everyday life in a playful way.

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