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Hubertus Scheidlberger is a management consultant, coach and trainer. 20 years ago he discovered the path of biocentric living and biocentric management, which consequently changed his life completely. He resigned from his managerial position at Siemens with more than 700 employees and has been working since then to bring biocentric knowledge and ways of life to people through a variety of seminars and workshops. He teaches in Train the Trainer events and gives trainings in Europe, India and China.


Hubertus Scheidlberger developed a special methodology that has a special effect on companies and their employees. As a didactic instructor, he teaches and shares his knowledge in workshops for trainers. In his seminars he conveys joie de vivre, team spirit, courage and enthusiasm. Using the power of enjoying the intensively experienced moment in the here and now is always in the foreground and is his secret recipe for moving people's successes. His personal conviction is that quality, effectiveness and success are largely determined by human interaction in the company.


The emotional competence of each individual and the associated open, integrative team make a significant contribution to simplifying processes. Increased work motivation, less sick leave and a high degree of identification with the company are achieved through this form of knowledge transfer. 

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