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World Congress "Humanity in Medicine"


Biocentricity in companies


Vital Academy


WKO financial advisor


Pedagogical Institute


Musical secondary school in Gmünd


Sandoz Austria


Austrian Chamber of Commerce


Project “MOVE” Lower Austria

p4u agency


WKO management consultant


Eisenstadt Hospital


Meeting of music teachers from all over Austria


Austrian Chamber of Commerce


Samsung promoters


IP center


Boehringer Ingelheim


Austrian Chamber of Commerce



educational institute (kindergarten)


Canadian Embassy


Convival for Biocentric Management Vienna


Extension biocentric management Brussels


Jaipur Rugs India

"Emotionality in the company?" Haikou (China)


Biocentric Management Congress Netherlands


Integration center for people with special needs (age 15-25 retirement home)


Extension biocentric management Luxembourg


hospital india


Occident Group AG Switzerland

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