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From the seminar to the effector - from the trainer to the effector


Designing and holding training courses requires the full attention and activity of the instructor. Individuality, needs, expectations of the individual participants, as well as the content of the training or workshop determine the course and ultimately the success for trainers and participants of the event.  


The first 15-25 minutes of the seminar are often decisive for the integration and interaction of those present, mostly unknown to each other. The togetherness in the seminar and the sensitivity among the participants can be encouraged right from the start by means of opening and integrating exercises.  


Individual targeted exercises in between and a strong conclusion ultimately allow your personal seminar content to be implemented in an integrative and therefore better way. Seminars that your participants may even remember for the rest of their lives.  

If the team culture in your seminar is based on mutual appreciation and acceptance right from the start, these are seminars whose content takes effect on the same day.  


In this 4-day workshop you will learn as a seminar leader and trainer

  • Exercises and instructions for a team-strengthening integrative introduction tailored to your specific seminar content  

  • Bridging exercises as transitions between your seminar topics  

  • Strong strengthening exercises for in between for the targeted fixation of seminar content  

  • Final exercises for good and harmonious conclusions of your seminars and workshops  



  • Suggestions for integrating start, intermediate and final exercises, methodological background and how best to conduct these exercises in a given situation  

  • Design exercises in the context of your own seminar content.  

  • Music choice and music semantics - make individual seminar content "tangible"  


The effector method

The combination of joy, movement, vitality, creativity, emotions and feelings, opening, differentiation and joie de vivre, with rhythm and music provide the basis for this train the trainer seminar.  


The system is based on the unique combination of music, movement and feeling. Joie de vivre, creativity, play and sensitivity touch us inside and out. The guided exercises are done alone, in pairs or in a group. This combination with the right music helps to immerse yourself in the emotions of the respective seminar in the here and now. There are no predetermined movement patterns or forms of behavior.  

Prior knowledge is not required. The playful combination of targeted exercises, suitable music, movement and emotion make the almost impossible possible.


target group

Trainers, lecturers, people who work with people on themselves and others. People who accompany processes in people.  


Aims and benefits of using these exercises in your seminars

  • Appreciation and empathy of the participants in dealing with each other  

  • Strengthening the self-awareness of the participants  

  • Recognizing your own strengths and potential among the participants  

  • Recognize and protect personal boundaries of the participants  

  • Ease in the cooperation of the participants in the seminar  

  • More authenticity of the participants Duration: 4-day workshop


number of participants

At least 6 people up to approx. 25 people. 

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